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Yrondi Garrick's mermaid.

Sculpture Fish Lady / Vahine E'ia | Bora Bora

The mermaid hypnotizes those who listen to her and brings love to those who look at her.

Garrick Yrondi Art Studio & Gallery Fi

Sculpture Fish Lady / Vahine E'ia | Bora Bora

Bora Bora Artist Garrick Yrondi Oil Pain

Seduced by his vision and his treatment of color, his paintings are in collections of the world. In his vision, the artist launched a subscription for the realization of the Fish Lady in pink marble that he'll carve in Portugal. Placed in 1997 next to Bora Bora Airport, it became the emblem of travelers.

Garrick has always enriched the secret feminine universe, a sensuous and stern one.

The Majority of his sculptures being in bronze or Polynesian stone, those nymphs, centaur's women, are s joyful population of known mythology.

They withhold,  no matter in what form, mysterious and secretive charter, by the use of spatial qualities of the void and of the matter:

Elongated  or suddenly rounded in a series of deformations, adding the space that surrounds them, standing tall around imaginary spirals.

If the original bloc is restored, it is because there are suggestions of the invisible rather than te perilous rounded feminine volumes.

Those embracing forms, succession of waves that hide the dislocation of the plans and axis, have a virtuous dynamic: to make a statement of the balance between emptyness  and whole, deducting us by sheer light and shadow.

Garrick's skill in the management of spatial elements and his subtle experience over the matter, makes him reach the authentic modern expression of plastic achievement. 

It is the same wonders experience watching the mermaid...

And if this dream manifests itself in the form that is neither fish or women, but rather is both, it's not only for aesthetic reasons, but more importantly, to have a sensuous and mysterious dimension that comes from the lagoon and tries to seduct the one who dares to look at her...

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