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Garrick Yrondi- Artist | Bora Bora Art

Four generations of artists were needed to reach a unique mastery of color as this artist knows.
A father graduated from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Paris.

A grandfather sculptor who was the author of many monuments dedicated to the fallen of World War I and a grandfather painter and illustrator.

Garrick Yrondi | Art Studio & Gallery - Bora Bora

Yrondi Garrick was born in Antibes in 1945. In 1946, he moved with his parents to live in French Polynesia, in which his consciousness will awaken in the enchanting charm of color. Bathed in this privilege until 1956, he returned to southern France to follow his studies. Polynesian nostalgic for his years he returned to Tahiti in 1978. But Tahiti has changed and this is the Marquesas he can find freedom from a world not yet inhibited by technology.

Presented to the Bishop of the Marquesas Islands during a visit to his studio in Taiohae, it commissioned a fresco of the announcement to Mary for the chapel of Hohoi on the island of Ua Pou. Overruns in discoveries and emotions, he became aware of being in an original world in which to place his intelligence at the service of its sensitivity and bring the artist to its essence for questioning. His painting technique is acquired over time but what it lacks is a vision. A vision in which he finds the bearings that will allow him to give his answers to his existential question.

It becomes Hellenist and finds the similarity to the world of ancient Maori. From there, he can carve his prism to his vision. With this wealth, Garrick Yrondi went to Bora Bora for the realization of a mosaic for the pool of a condominium. Seduced by his work, the famous explorer P.E. Victor has provided to him the Haapiti Rai Motu. He will live there until the Wasa cyclone destroys everything in 1991. Then he built his own villa in the purest style Florentin.​

Seduced by his vision and his treatment of color, his paintings are in collections of the world. In his vision, the artist launched a subscription for the realization of the Fish Lady in pink marble that he'll carve in Portugal. Placed in 1997 next to Bora Bora airport, it became the emblem of travelers.


1969 - 1971





Santiago de Chile, Chile

Corinne Marchand in Lyon, France

Rio de Jenerio, Brazil

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Vahine e ia, la sculpture de l’aéroport de Bora Bora

Yrondi Garrick's " La Femme-poisson" de Bora Bora 1989

Un Marbe et des lithos | Vahine Ei'a - Fish Lady, Bora Bora 1996

Vahine Ei'a, la Femme-Poisson Bora Bora

Gallerie de la baie de cook Garrick Yrondi Fish Lady, Bora Bora

Joignez-vous au voyage de la Femme-poisson Bora Bora

La femme-poisson d'Yrondi est Arrive Bora Bora, 1996

La Villa de Garrick Yrondi

Maisons du Fenua

Une Hacienda a Bora Bora

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